Collaborative Storytelling and RPGs for Kids in the Library.

Last spring, the Tween librarian I work with mentioned to me that there might be interest among our library patrons for some sort of kids roleplaying game as a library program because parents often asked about our Dungeons and Dragons group but we limit that to tweens and teens grades 5+. I started looking into … Continue reading Collaborative Storytelling and RPGs for Kids in the Library.

So I Guess I’m a Game Librarian

When I was still a part-time library assistant, I worked on finding projects within my department that I could work on in slower moments that not only gave me something to do but were also something that were beneficial in developing the skills needed in librarianship. One of the things I basically made myself in … Continue reading So I Guess I’m a Game Librarian

2021 Books in Review

One of my favorite parts of December for the past several years has been rounding up my year and doing a year-in-review post (2018, 2019, 2020). Of course, looking back at the year is fun, but looking back at the books I've read might be even better. This year-in-review might even be more necessary than … Continue reading 2021 Books in Review

From Cover to Cover: Exploring the Libraries in My Life

This fall, I came across an article from The New York Times Book Review, “12 Authors Write about the Libraries They Love.”  Considering the intersection between my love of writing and my career goal of becoming a youth services librarian, I couldn't resist writing about the libraries in my life and my love of them. It’s only more fitting that I make this post as National Library Week comes to an end.

From my most newly loved library to my childhood library, these spaces matter to me.