My First Summer Reading!

Okay, I'm hedging a bit to call 2022 my first experience with Summer Reading because I did serve on the Summer Reading Committee in 2021 as a part-time library assistant. However, I was on the prize committee so I spent more time sourcing materials and putting together prizes. Our 2021 summer reading was also on … Continue reading My First Summer Reading!

Adventures of a First Time Storytimer

I did my first storytime in December 2021 right before my library went on a winter programming break. I was still a library assistant, in the middle of finishing my last papers of grad school, and had no idea that a few weeks later I would be hired as a full-time librarian. I themed my … Continue reading Adventures of a First Time Storytimer

So I Guess I’m a Game Librarian

When I was still a part-time library assistant, I worked on finding projects within my department that I could work on in slower moments that not only gave me something to do but were also something that were beneficial in developing the skills needed in librarianship. One of the things I basically made myself in … Continue reading So I Guess I’m a Game Librarian

My First Months as a Children’s Librarian

Starting my job as a children's librarian at the Public Library of Brookline was a little bit of a whirlwind. I finished class on a Thursday, started my string of back-to-back holiday travels on Friday, and in the middle of going to New York City, Kansas, and Colorado, I interviewed for and was offered a … Continue reading My First Months as a Children’s Librarian