I picked out the twitter handle @BookishlyBright as a sophomore in high school, and it continues to encapsulate my bubbly personality and my love for literature. As I seek to become a youth services librarian, being bright and bookish seems as important as ever

This blog is a hodge-podge of monthly breakdowns of my reading habits, book reviews, and personal posts. It’s also a repository for digital humanities projects, writing, and research projects that I’ve completed

This blog began in the Fall of 2017 as “Contextualizing the Classics” as a final project for a major authors course on Louise Erdrich and Sherman Alexie. As my academic interests have grown and changed so too has this blog. The original posts for this blog can be found on the “Lessons” page.

Quick Facts About me
  • Library Science and Children’s Lit Grad Student
  • Youth Services Library Assistant
  • Budding Embroidery Artist
  • Enthusiastic Pen Pal
  • Voracious Reader
  • Published Poet
  • Rural American at Heart
  • Kansas State University Alumni