October Reading Roundup

Let's get spooky folks. Halloween is here, there has been Snow in Boston, and I am right in the busy time of the semester if my to-do list for the next couple of weeks is to be believed. I finally feel like I've got virtual classes for this semester in a place that I'm comfortable … Continue reading October Reading Roundup

September Reading Roundup

I cannot believe how quickly September has flown by. But with classes now in full swing for the semester, a new part-time job, and making the most of the last warm days of summer, it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise. September has been full of good things for me and I can't … Continue reading September Reading Roundup

August Reading Roundup

I started August in Kansas at my grandparents house, was back in Colorado for a spell and ended August in Boston back in my apartment getting settled in for the new school year. My classes start (all remotely) next week and I'm looking forward to the way my coursework will intersect as the courses I'm … Continue reading August Reading Roundup