#HarryPotterReRead: 2019’s Audio Approach

If you follow me on Twitter (@bookishlybright), you'll have noticed that every year in December, the landscape of my twitter page changes just slightly and shifts away from my ridiculous thoughts about life and more towards my ridiculous thoughts about Harry Potter. This year, I decided that I wouldn't be able to tackle my classic whole-series reread, but I've gotten into audiobooks recently as something to do during my commute to campus as I work to transition to grad school life, so it made sense that I would just add Harry Potter into my rotation of audiobooks during the month of December.

Fall is Volunteer Time

While I typically using my weekends to explore Boston, pleasure read, and work on personal creative projects, I broke from that trend the last couple of weekends by spending my time volunteering and attending events in Boston. On October 11th and 12th, I both volunteered at and attended Leaky Con and on October 19th and 20th I volunteered at and attended the Boston Book Festival. Being able to be a part of the behind the scenes at these two events was a really incredible experience and though I didn't expect it, it affirmed my commitment to a sense of community. At both of these events I felt an invaluable sense of community (be it fandom or the literary community or both), and I was glad to interact with these larger communities in various ways.