Supporting Tribal Libraries

I compete on the forensics team at my university. For those unfamiliar, forensics is basically competitive public speaking featuring prepared speeches, limited preparation events, and literature interpretation. There are 11 events and over the past three years I’ve competed in 9 of them. This year, I qualified 5 events for the American Forensics Association National Individual Events Tournament, and the Kansas State University team placed 10th in the nation. I love forensics, because I love having a voice about the things that matter to me (the captive audience doesn’t hurt either).

This year, many of my events were about things that I am particularly passionate about  My persuasive speech was about tribal libraries, and I did a ton of research to try and condense problems, effects, and solutions into 10 minutes to present. This speech was inspired by the same class that this blog was a project for, because of that, I wanted to share my speech in a post format as well as pass along resources so you can support tribal libraries now and in the future.