Considering the Caldecott

This past semester (Fall 2020), I took CHL 403 - Picturebook at Simmons and we finished our semester with a Mock Caldecott, which was won by We are the Water Protectors. Because of this, I feel qualified to make commentary on the actual winners and honor books of the 2020 Caldecott. I had hoped to … Continue reading Considering the Caldecott

Writing in Style: Stationery Tour

I've long loved to write, and I've long had a problem with buying too many aesthetically pleasing notebooks. When I was in middle school, it was hard for me to leave Target without a notebook that inevitably would end up half filled with fictional ramblings under my bed. As I've gotten older and gotten into … Continue reading Writing in Style: Stationery Tour

Review: The Snow Fell Three Graves Deep I tweeted this a while back, and then quickly realized if I wanted to tell lots of people about the Donner Party book I read in full detail that I could just write a blog post about it. Literally the reason I have a blog is to tell people about the books I'm reading. … Continue reading Review: The Snow Fell Three Graves Deep