September Reading Roundup

I cannot believe how quickly September has flown by. But with classes now in full swing for the semester, a new part-time job, and making the most of the last warm days of summer, it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise. September has been full of good things for me and I can't … Continue reading September Reading Roundup

How I’m Approaching Online Learning

2020 has been a wild ride and a learning experience for us all, and if I've learned anything, it's that I learn best in an actual classroom with actual people where meaningful conversations about literature and librarianship are easier to facilitate than they are through a zoom room. To be fair, I've known this for … Continue reading How I’m Approaching Online Learning

August Reading Roundup

I started August in Kansas at my grandparents house, was back in Colorado for a spell and ended August in Boston back in my apartment getting settled in for the new school year. My classes start (all remotely) next week and I'm looking forward to the way my coursework will intersect as the courses I'm … Continue reading August Reading Roundup

May/June Reading Roundup

I find myself shocked by how quickly both May and June have passed. Time continues to be so strange in this void of COVID-19 and social distancing days. I didn't get a May post done, because as soon as I finished up my spring semester at Simmons University (officially completing my first year of grad … Continue reading May/June Reading Roundup

"All around them there was nothing but grassy prairie spreading to the edge of the sky": Little House on the Prairie as Sacred Text

As part of my "History of Children's Literature Publishing" course I'm working on multiple projects over the course of the semester relating to Laura Ingalls Wilder's 1935 novel Little House on the Prairie which is the third book published in what would become the eight book Little House series. This is the first of multiple blog posts that will stem from those projects.