Embracing the Practical Project

This month on Hack Library School I shared my thoughts on practical projects and a few of the ways that I approach them!


I like writing papers about as much as anyone who holds a B.A. in English can. However, there are times that writing a paper doesn’t always cut it and there might be a better way to engage with course materials. This is something that I’ve found library school embraces. Many of my professors have assigned practical projects designed to allow my peers and I to directly apply the concepts we’re learning to our future careers. As former hacker Hanna Roseen points out, the MLIS is an academic and professional degree, and practical projects are one way the professional side of the degree is emphasized. 

In past semesters I’ve coded a website from the ground up, created a LibGuide, and engaged directly with collection development. This semester, I’m creating storytime plans, filming storytime demonstration videos, learning and telling stories, and creating a portfolio filled with critical discussions of picture books.

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