How Summer Camp Can Prepare You for Librarianship

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As the days start to get shorter and cooler, without fail I look back at the summer. This year, with the strangeness of COVID-19, I’m missing summers past. In 2018 and 2019, I worked at an all-boys summer camp in rural Maine. From days on a lakeshore to nights around a campfire, I loved everything about working at camp. I would have been back this past summer if camp weren’t cancelled because of the pandemic.

It’s not the typical internship experience, but I found that working at a summer camp directly suited my future career in librarianship. Sure, I want to be a youth services librarian, so being able to work directly with young people was a big part of the experience for me; but that’s not the only way a summer camp can help prepare you to be a librarian.

In 2016, the Library Journal released a list of…

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