Dispatches from the Void: Colorado

COVID-19, am I right?

Last week Simmons University made the decision to extend spring break for a week and then, like many universities, to go online for the rest of the semester. Since I was already in Colorado for spring break, it looks like I’m going to stay here for the duration of the crisis.

Which means plans change. So I’ll probably be posting some of my Little House on the Prairie blog posts, but I won’t be able to share with you some pictures of the Little House first editions that I got my hands on or any of Helen Swell’s beautiful illustrations. Currently, those books are languishing in my apartment 2000 miles away along with 18 other library books.

I’ve set up in my parent’s basement where I’m able to still do my job for SocialWork@Simmons remotely, and where I’ll be working on distance classes for the rest of the semester. S/o to my dad for having the tech necessary to set me up with a dual monitor setup.

While I’m stuck in Colorado I’m trying to find the positives, even though the rest of my spring semester has been completely upended. From my desk, I can look out at the trees and the mountains. We are able to get out and go walking (while still being sufficiently socially distanced). I hung up my hammock for about an hour on Saturday and even though I got chilled pretty quickly, it was relaxing to be able to sit there and read and listen the river run.

One of the fun things about my workspace is that I have space for one of my typewriters, so I’m taking the time to write letters to people (or rather, type them). I’ve already put this on Facebook, but the offer stands here as well (and will continue to stand): if you want to become Pandemic Penpals, I’ll send the first letter. You just have to reach out and provide me with your address. I’d love to take this opportunity to connect with you.

As far as my reading goes during this time, I scoured my bookshelves and pulled of 50 (you heard me right, 50) books that I have not read yet. Seeing as many of these have been sitting on my shelves for years, it’s about time that I get around to reading them. I also resurrected my Kindle, so I have access to my library of Amazon acquisitions from high school again. Right now I’m finishing the Illuminae Files trilogy by Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff before I jump into the other stack of books (literally a stack).

I’m also hoping to do plenty of writing, both journaling and creative writing. I think it’s important to journal right now, because this is definitely a time-period that will be chronicled in history, and it’s important to have personal experiences written down and I know someday I’ll want to come and look back at this. I’ve also found a way to get writing prompts from Twitter and I’m hoping to challenge myself poetically and break out of my normal cycles and topics.

It’s going to be strange going online, and I wish I was going back to Boston to finish out the semester, but health and safety trump everything when it comes to navigating life in a global pandemic.

So here I am, prepare for more dispatches from the void.

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