This welcome post is long overdue! Thank’s for visiting my blog, where I have a place to nerd out about children’s and YA lit, and explore some of the ways I find them fascinating. I’ve got plans (tentatively) to update on Fridays every week while I’m just starting out but we’ll see where it goes from there.

About the blog

Right now, I have two types of posts, reviews and lessons. Reviews posts are my reviews of the books I’ve read that I think specifically apply to apply context to children’s literature, particularly those that are deemed classics, but that my change in the future. Any of the reviews of the fiction I’m reading can be found on my Goodreads page.┬áLessons posts are my way to interact critically with two books, one classic and one contemporary, together. They include historical contexts, reading strategies, discussion questions, activities, and resources. The lesson’s were the original brainchild of the blog, but they’re also highly intensive and I’m a busy college student, so for the time being, expect fewer of them if you plan on checking in regularly.

About me

While I’ve got you here, I might as well share who I am. I’m currently a junior studying English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in journalism and mass communications at Kansas State University. I compete on the K-State Speech Team and spend time I’m not in class, working, studying, and practicing, reading for pleasure, writing, and spending time with my friends. I’ve got plans to pursue an MLIS following the completion of my undergraduate degree with an end goal of becoming a children’s or youth service librarian.


I look forward to sharing this blog with anyone who might happen to read it!


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